The 2019 Sales Acceleration Summit

July 25, 2019 | 9:00am – 4:00pm
Dallas, Texas

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A “make-it-happen” sales workshop for sales pros, entrepreneurs, consultants and business owners.

This conference is specifically designed to help sales professionals who…

– Despise cold calling, but still need to find new customers
– Don’t have a compelling answer to “what do you do?”
– Want to learn how to re-engage clients that have gone “silent”
– Aren’t a “sales person” – but are still responsible for landing
new clients
– Sometimes feel stuck, tired and burned out by your “selling

Conference Details

July 25, 2019 from 9am – 4pm

Royal Oaks Country Club
7915 Greenville Ave, Dallas TX 75213

Registration Cost: $399

What’s Included With Your Registration:

• Access to full event
• Workbook with scripts, templates & examples
• Complimentary lunch & refreshment breaks
• Free bonus sales training CD and workbook

What makes Tim different from other sales trainers is the way he communicates. He is able to take complex selling ideas and teach them in a way that has tremendous value for my reps who sell at the national level all the way down to the reps who sell on the floor.
Greg Nemecek, Vice President of Sales
We keep using Tim because the audience feedback is always great. Not only does he have a fresh, high energy approach, but he is a speaker that is super easy to work with.
Alan Stankaitis
Tim worked with me to tailor our program around my team’s strengths and weaknesses. The workshop was insightful, engaging and extremely valuable… and that’s why I continue to hire Tim!
Anthony (TJ) Rizzo
Tim's energy and ideas engaged everyone. I only wish we would have given him more time on our agenda.
Beth Stapleton
I interviewed over two dozen organizations to find the one that could bring energy, enthusiasm and innovation to a young group of sales people. When I met Tim, I knew he was the one I was looking for. The overall consensus from participants was that this program delivered a life change, not a temporary change. Programs with that kind of effect are rare and so is a guy like Tim Wackel.
Blake Bozman
I've always been a huge fan of Tim Wackel since he did a presentation at my company about 5 years ago. I would ask Tim for advice from time to time after that and he was always willing to help with sound advice and he was prompt with it. About 2.5 years ago, I fell into a terrible sales slump and I didn't know what to I emailed Tim. Tim gave me a full email response the next day and it included 5 sound tips, which I implemented immediately. My sales soon peaked greater than ever and I won President's Club TWO years in a row since and I just went to Costa Rica....all I owe to Tim. I am forever grateful and I HIGHLY recommend hiring Tim to help you or your company, as well! Tim is no brainer investment. Thank you, Tim!
Bob Kelso

Still not convinced?
Then check out these frequently asked questions:

Is this workshop targeted at rookie sales reps or veteran sales professionals?

Both – Tim has delivered more than a thousand programs over the past 19 years and am confident that every participant will walk away with dozens of new ideas that they’ll want to implement right away.

What organizations have turned to Tim to improve their sales?

Allstate Insurance, Cisco, Dow Agro, Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Red Hat, Toshiba, Raytheon, Phillips Medical and hundreds of other small and emerging businesses.

Tim’s programs have been successful across a variety of industries and a mix of companies big and small.

Q: What do they all have in common?
A: Reps that had a strong desire to learn and succeed!

What’s included in my registration fee?

Every participant receives…

– Full-day workshop
– Homework materials to help you prepare to maximize your learning
– Participant workbook to take notes and capture key ideas
– Lunch as well as morning and afternoon refreshments

I’m not convinced… what if this ends up being a waste of my time?

No harm, no foul. You stay as long as you want… keep all of the materials… and Tim will refund your entire registration fee – no questions asked.

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