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Call Agendas

Welcome to this 2 Minute Sales Tip with Tim.

After over three decades of working with top performers, I’ve come to a couple of conclusions and I’m going to start this video by sharing one of those with you.

What you sell is important to your success… but how you sell is absolutely critical.

If “what” you sold were the defining variable, then everybody inside your organization would sell the same amount because you’re all selling the same thing. But we know that’s not the case.

What you sell is important… but how you sell is critical!

Publishing a call agenda demonstrates that you’re not an amateur.

So let’s spend some time today looking for ideas on how to improve our approach!

In today’s tip I’m going to take a fun look at three things that happen during a lousy sales call and give you a practical tip on how to avoid these unnecessary blunders.

See if any of these look familiar to you.

#1. The sales rep shows up and pitches products, services and features way too soon. It happens all time – and we’re all guilty of making this mistake.

#2. When we pitch prematurely (see #1 above), the customer doesn’t get to completely articulate their problem because you jumped in and pitched prematurely. You’ve robbed the customer of the opportunity to talk through their problem.

And when the customer doesn’t completely articulate/understand their problem then…

#3. You don’t understand the problem either.

So you don’t understand the problem… the customer doesn’t understand the problem… and the next thing you know there is a price squeeze because neither of you really understand the problem.

What’s the cure?

Create and share a call agenda with your customer before each and every critical conversation. Without a clearly defined agenda, if we don’t roadmap how we want this conversation to go, most calls, and I don’t care if it’s face to face or over the phone, most calls start drifting and they drift into uncharted waters because we don’t have a road map. We don’t have a plan. We don’t have an agenda.

When the conversation starts going into uncharted waters we get very uncomfortable, and what happens when we get uncomfortable?

We talk… and we talk too much.

Want to start creating more success on your sales calls?

Then start using call agendas and start today. It’s not that difficult.

Publishing a call agenda demonstrates that you’re not an amateur. You’re not a newbie. You’re a professional, you’ve done this before and you respect the time that you’ve been given.

And if put together properly, the call agenda reinforces that the meeting isn’t all about you. It’s all about them and what you can do for them.

And in the final analysis, very few other salespeople will take the time to do this.

Start putting together and publishing your call agendas and start doing it today!

Comments, questions or concerns? Shoot me an email, give me a phone call.

My name is Tim Wackel, thanks for watching.

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