Meeting Planner Guide

Preparing to have Tim speak at one of your events? Below you will find all the necessary requirements, setup tips, and promotional media.

Audio / Visual

  • Wireless Lavaliere clip-on microphone with fresh batteries
  • LCD projector (minimum 2000 lumens) and large screen positioned off center or rear projection
  • Sound system that is able to play computer audio
  • Skirted table for materials
  • Flip chart and fresh markers
  • Stool (for programs longer than 2 hours)
  • Riser (2 or 3 foot) for audiences greater than 50 people

Room Setup Tips

  1. Use additional light sources for presenter. Studies prove that when the presenter is illuminated more than the audience, listeners can hear better and are less distracted.
  2. Use a dark backdrop so that the presenter is accentuated against it.
  3. Keep the front row as close to the riser as is possibly comfortable—six feet away where possible.
  4. Do not overset the room. If you are planning on 500 people, set the room for 500 (or fewer), not 750. It is better to have every seat taken than large empty spots throughout the audience and an empty front row.
  5. If the room is rectangular, set the riser area in the middle of the long wall, not on the short end. It is better to have an audience wide than deep.
  6. For some reason, hotels are fixated on two straight rows with a HUMUNGOUS aisle in the middle as the only way to set up a room. Instead, use two aisles and split the room into 3 sections. Plus, curve the rows (or angle the outside rows) in a theater style. If people have a peripheral view of their neighbor, the energy in the room is doubled.
  7. USE MUSIC! Music can really set the tone so try and play music before and after your speaker does her/his thing.
  8. Try to avoid putting a video projection unit in the middle at the front. A good speaker will attempt to build rapport with the audience. He or she does not need to compete with a big projection unit for space and attention.

Ensure the introducer is capable of a high energy, prepared introduction. Have the speaker write out a short introduction that she or he is comfortable reading.

Photos of Tim

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Call (214) 369-7722 or email me so that we can start discussing your specific event. If for some reason I’m not the best speaker for your event, I’ll help you find someone who is!