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Looking for a sales keynote that has a healthy dose of fun and entertainment? Then you’ve come to the right spot!

As one of the premier sales experts and keynote speakers in the country, I get hired again and again because my message is built upon a lifetime of accomplishments and first-hand experiences that include:

  • Being recognized as the number one producer in a 10,000 person sales organization
  • Helping lead a Silicon Valley startup through a successful IPO
  • Directing a 50 million dollar sales organization for a Fortune 500 Company

My list of clients includes organizations like Allstate, BMC Software, Cisco, Fossil, Hewlett Packard, Philips Medical Systems, Lexmark, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Red Hat, Toshiba, Wells Fargo as well as many professional and trade associations.

Tim’s Keynote Topics

Anatomy of a Lousy Pitch

The 6 Worst Presentation Habits and How to Avoid Them

Whether you are speaking to an audience of one or one thousand, it’s crucial that you engage your listeners. As the presentation coach for some of today’s fastest growing companies, I know exactly what it takes to deliver messages that get results.

Throughout my career, I’ve observed lots of presentations… literally thousands of them. I’ve been moved to tears, lulled to sleep and everything in between. This keynote takes a fun look at the six worst (and most common) presentation habits and gives audiences specific ideas on how to conquer them. 

Anatomy of a Lousy Pitch helps business professionals learn how to:

  • Avoid the #1 mistake most presenters still make
  • Grab your listener’s attention in the first two minutes
  • Organize your ideas in a clear, concise and compelling approach
  • Avoid the fatal trap most presenters fall into on “the big day”
  • Eliminate death by PowerPoint
  • Leverage the two most important (and overlooked) elements of successful presentations
  • Ask the critical question that will win your audience’s approval

Stop Pitching, Start Solving

Helping Customers Discover What They Really Want

You probably have a number of questions that you like to ask customers during a sales call. Maybe you recognize a few of these:

“What are your goals?” 
“Do you have a budget?” 
“Who is involved in the decision making process?” 
“What keeps you up at night?”

While these questions may seem interesting to you, your customer probably finds them to be mind numbing. They don’t stimulate new thinking and ultimately you sound like every other rep that has walked through the door. Typically these conversations end with the prospect saying “Why don’t you leave some brochures for me to review and I’ll get back to you?”

This program teaches professional sales representative how to craft questions that ignite emotions, discover motivations and get customers to act.

Stop Pitching, Start Solving will helps audiences learn how to…

  • Recognize and control the urge to pitch prematurely
  • Ask thought provoking (not mind numbing!) questions
  • Use open questions to close more business
  • Ask the “hard” questions in an “easy” way
  • Kick your “hopeium” habit and make it easier for prospects to tell you the truth

Smart Prospecting Simplified

If you’re like most sales professionals I know, you’re always looking for opportunities to make more money.

And you know what that means – more prospecting. Please note… I did NOT say COLD CALLING – because NO ONE wants to make (or receive) a cold call.

Anyone can cold call, and it takes almost no skill at all to convert a huge number of contacts into a sparse number of opportunities. But if you want to significantly increase your revenues, you need to have a better plan.

If your prospecting efforts aren’t producing the right results or you’re simply frustrated with your current plan, then I’ve got some good news for you! This keynote reveals my very own step-by-step approach for finding new business.

Smart Prospecting Simplified helps audiences learn how to:

  • Use a simple 6 step process for crafting the “perfect” elevator pitch that delivers results
  • Capture attention using 10 creative (and proven) ways to stay in touch
  • Be persistent in your prospecting approach (without becoming a pest)
  • Lower resistance to your calls by implementing my multi-touch prospecting campaign
  • Breakthrough the voicemail/email barriers that most reps face

The Constant Client

How to Build Relationships Your Competition Can’t Steal

When your relationship is strong, customers rarely let any detail get in the way of doing business.

But when the relationship is weak, any detail can (and will!) get in the way.

Developing great relationships doesn’t require magic, chemistry or luck… it requires knowledge, commitment and a process. Your team will learn proven ideas for developing trust and creating loyalty that lasts a lifetime!

The Constant Client helps audiences learn:

  • Three simple steps to building great relationships
  • Secrets to working with people that you just don’t like
  • How to focus your energy on being interested, not interesting
  • Thoughtful, unexpected and inexpensive actions that are critical to your success
  • Six principles for taking existing relationships from good to great

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