Client Buzz

I came on board to the company and realized that we needed to “sharpen our acts.” Our clients, just like you and I, don’t ever want to be sold to. What I like so much about Tim’s approach is that it really isn’t sales-y at all. He provided very practical tools that we can immediately put into place to make immediate impacts to our clients, prospects, and selling activities… His preparation was phenomenal. He spent a lot of time learning our business and tailored the content that he provided during our one-day session perfectly to the needs of our business.

Jeff Glueck, Vice President of Business Development, Advocate Capital

Tim helped us and our team improve our presentation skills. He brought a fresh and intriguing set of skills and knowledge to our team. Our customers really respond to that. We liked Tim so much we brought him in again to focus on business development skills… How to create excitement around our brand, and follow-up and close a customer.
Tim customized our training to be exactly what we needed. I think that was very valuable that he spent so much time figuring out our business.
We thought it was a fantastic training and we are incorporating more every quarter. Anyone that is looking for excitement with their sales team…I think Tim is a great resource, we found it very valuable.

Kendra Teasley and Caleb Foltermann, Sexy Hair

This past November, we invited Tim Wackel to come speak to our entire sales team because we’re looking to go through a transformation in terms of how we engage with new customers this year. Now I had never met Tim before, and my initial thought was bringing one person in to speak to a group of our size and engage them for a day was a tall order. But let me assure you that Tim went above and beyond in terms of engagement with our group. In terms of real meat and potatoes, it was fantastic, and in terms of being able to be something that is used on a daily basis, I can’t think of anyone I would recommend more for your group than Tim Wackel. We’ve enjoyed all of our subsequent engagements with him, and we will be utilizing Tim and his principles in our company for years to come.

I hired Tim as the keynote speaker for our annual conference. From the moment he stepped on the stage, Tim was anything but what I had expected. He was engaging, he was entertaining, he was funny. People were interested from beginning to end. The best part was that people came up to us afterwards and said what a great keynote experience they had had. Tim’s presentation for sales was unlike any other sales training I’ve been in. I think he’s a must for any business or organization that’s looking to change their sales approach, or bring in sales training for new employees.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Tim in a Sales Workshop and on Presentation Skills, both of which have exceeded by expectations.  Tim does a great job preparing for his training seminars by interviewing the key stake holders in the process to understand not only the management goals, but the individuals needs of the people involved in the training.  This allows him to deliver a very tailored and ultimately valuable program to the entire group.  I’ve recommended Tim to other people that I work with in the industry and I bring him in whenever I can to train the new people on my team.  So if you’re looking for a unique, valuable, entertaining training experience, I highly recommend that you talk to Tim!

What makes Tim different from other sales trainers is the way he communicates. He is able to take complex selling ideas and teach them in a way that has tremendous value for my reps who sell at the national level all the way down to the reps who sell on the floor.

Greg Nemecek, Vice President of Sales, Ranpak

Tim brings a lot of credibility to his programs and is a valuable resource who speaks on industry best practices.

Ron Clegg, Director of Global Best Practices, BMC Software

Tim’s program taught my salespeople exactly what it takes to build exceptional client relationships that separate them from the competition.

Dirk Pollitt, Regional Sales Director, Encompass Insurance

Tim is tenacious in his preparation. He truly is a cut above.

Fred Polenz, Director of Sales, Integrys Energy Services

I interviewed over two dozen organizations to find the one that could bring energy, enthusiasm and innovation to a young group of sales people. When I met Tim, I knew he was the one I was looking for. The overall consensus from participants was that this program delivered a life change, not a temporary change. Programs with that kind of effect are rare and so is a guy like Tim Wackel.

Blake Bozman, Executive Vice President of Sales, Drive Financial Services

Traditional sales speakers and trainers always seem to be pitching a methodology‚ process‚ or solution. Tim’s common-sense approach to sales and his commitment to being a methodology-agnostic‚ are truly refreshing and a welcome change!

Darrin Coulson, Chief Operating Officer, Sonic Foundry

Tim tailored his program so that the information was relevant to my people. He spent time to understand what I was trying to accomplish and suggested ways that we could work together to reinforce the concepts. It was the first time that I had positive feedback across the organization for training!

Wayne Fullerton, Operations Director, Cisco Systems

Traditional sales training often focuses on re-enforcing the fundamentals, but Tim’s programs actually inspire you to change your behavior.

Vince Temperino, Regional Sales Manager, BMC Software

Tim’s training experience was valuable, memorable, and much needed. I would (and have!) hire him again!

Jerry Curl, Regional Sales Manager, Cisco Systems

Tim’s program has helped us get higher quality meetings with customers and prospects.

Craig Abernathy, Regional Sales Manager, Procore Technologies

Many of the sales trainers we’ve worked with in the past have canned programs they aren’t willing to customize. Tim’s commitment to providing a uniquely tailored program truly sets him apart and adds real value to my team.

Dirk Pollitt, Regional Sales Director, Encompass Insurance

Within the first few minutes of interviewing Tim, we knew we wanted Tim to partner with Thomson. That was four years ago and Tim continues to be one of our top resources year after year!

Mary Anderson, Manager, Manager Development Program, Thomson

Tim was energetic, substantive, practical and targeted—which made for a very effective program.

Nathan Harrell, Vice President of Sales, Occam Networks

We can’t wait to work with Tim again and take it to the next level.

Stacy Gillen, Vice President - Southern Sales Zone, Philips Medical Systems

Tim’s program has given my team the skills necessary to be truly successful in their sales roles.

Vince Temperino, Regional Sales Manager, BMC Software

Tim’s holistic approach to time management was educational, motivating and provided our employees with tools for pro-actively managing their day.

Tracy W. Byers, Vice President, Sales, Philips Medical Systems

Tim’s program was the most engaging and interactive program I have attended in a long time.

Craig Abernathy, Regional Sales Manager, Procore Technologies

I enjoy working with Tim because of his commitment to helping us achieve our goals.

Dirk Pollitt, Regional Sales Director, Encompass Insurance

Tim establishes rapport with the audience very quickly, making both his content and delivery memorable.

Vince Temperino, Regional Sales Manager, BMC Software

I am seeing parts of Tim’s program being applied immediately, and we are planning to bring him back for our next sales meeting.

Darrin Coulson, Chief Operating Officer, Sonic Foundry

Tim’s program got my sales team to think differently. His ideas have helped my reps understand how to win opportunities based on value, not price.

Eddie Updike, Vice President Operations, Transit Mix Concrete & Materials

I would absolutely recommend Tim to any organization looking to improve their sales results. We hire (and re-hire) Tim because his programs are tailored to exactly what my team needs.

Mirko Wicha, CEO, Haivision

Tim worked with me to tailor our program around my team’s strengths and weaknesses. The workshop was insightful, engaging and extremely valuable… and that’s why I continue to hire Tim!

Anthony (TJ) Rizzo, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Cold Chain Technologies

Tim was the speaker at our annual sales meeting. Needless to say no one was looking forward to 8 hours of someone telling you how to do your job better. What a surprise… The difference, Tim is honest, has great integrity, and a true “doable” plan for success. No scheming or tricks or border line ethical tactics to get to the right people and close the sale. His entire presentation was awesome, motivational, eye opening, and a swift kick in the butt to change things that aren’t working. Shortest 8 hours I’ve ever spent and would do it again. Can’t recommend him enough.

Cheryl Stroup, Regional Sales Manager, ShockWatch

I’ve always been a huge fan of Tim Wackel since he did a presentation at my company about 5 years ago. I would ask Tim for advice from time to time after that and he was always willing to help with sound advice and he was prompt with it. About 2.5 years ago, I fell into a terrible sales slump and I didn’t know what to do….so I emailed Tim. Tim gave me a full email response the next day and it included 5 sound tips, which I implemented immediately. My sales soon peaked greater than ever and I won President’s Club TWO years in a row since and I just went to Costa Rica….all I owe to Tim. I am forever grateful and I HIGHLY recommend hiring Tim to help you or your company, as well! Tim is no brainer investment. Thank you, Tim!

Bob Kelso, Sr. Sales Learning Consultant, Skillsoft Corporation

Just a quick note to say thanks for a wonderful program. The hallways are buzzing with accolades about your content, style and FUN. Oh my – what a home run!

Helen Nodland, Director of Professional Development, Virtuoso

The standing ovation Tim received said it all. Everyone in the room, from our President on down, felt inspired and enriched by what he had to say. I couldn’t have asked for a better grand finale to our event.

Tom Hull, Vice President of Sales, Precor

Tim put together a great program for us. His experience and enthusiasm makes him super easy to work with. I would absolutely recommend Tim for your next sales kick-off.

Steve Hall, Director of Product & Solution Marketing, Tripwire

I hired Tim after hearing him speak at an Association meeting. His programs have great insights that are practical and powerful. I highly recommend him.

Harold Cobb, Senior Principal, Terracon

I’m a difficult sell when it comes to speakers. I’ve seen too many fail. Tim Wackel is different. He’s guaranteed to deliver a home run – a memorable, fun, and engaging presentation. Hire him. You won’t be disappointed.

Jeff Hurt, Director of Education & Engagement, Velvet Chainsaw

Out of all the sales speakers we use, Tim presents a “WOW” factor extraordinaire. His expertise, energy and enthusiasm were a BIG hit with my Sales team…so much so that we’ve already invited him back to work with us again.

Victoria Darnbrough, Learning and Development Manager, ACL Services

Tim’s energy and ideas engaged everyone. I only wish we would have given him more time on our agenda.

Beth Stapleton, Marketing Executive, Winscribe

Our company has hired Tim several times to motivate and inspire our group. He never fails to deliver a presentation that causes us to rethink the way we do things in order to make changes needed to result in increased sales. THANK YOU TIM!

Danielle McGillicuddy, Internal Sales and Communications Manager, NPS Payments

Tim’s program was engaging, thorough and fun. He helped us improve our ability to ask great questions and gave us specific ideas on how to stay engaged with our new prospects.

Andy Scheldrup, Director of Sales, Ameda

Tim is extremely diligent and his program was a great investment of our time. Everyone benefited from his message and I’m already seeing positive changes.

Wayne Wilkinson, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Toshiba Business Solutions

We keep using Tim because the audience feedback is always great. Not only does he have a fresh, high energy approach, but he is a speaker that is super easy to work with.

Alan Stankaitis, Manager of Market Trends and Analysis, Delta Dental

Tim really walks his talk. It’s refreshing to see someone put their words into action as Tim does.

Tracy W. Byers, Vice President, Sales, Philips Medical Systems

Tim really understands the complex sale and is able to break it down from start to finish.

Ron Clegg, Director of Global Best Practices, BMC Software

Tim is very thorough. He cared enough about our company and industry to learn what we’re all about and what we’re trying to achieve, and then delivered a program that was right on target.

Fred Polenz, Director of Sales, Integrys Energy Services

Working with Tim is an eye-opening experience to say the least. Out of the dozens of speakers and trainers I’ve seen over the years, Tim’s common-sense approach is truly refreshing.

Darrin Coulson, Chief Operating Officer, Sonic Foundry

I would definitely hire Tim again. Why? Because he delivered. The feedback was excellent!

Brett Featherston, Vice President of Sales Development, Catalina Marketing

Tim is great at connecting with a large audience on a personal level. He makes the experience seem more like a conversation than a presentation.

Tim Feeheley, CEO, JanPak

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  • ACL Software
  • Advocate Capital
  • Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance
  • Affinion Group
  • Agilent Technologies
  • Agilysis
  • Air Movement and Control Association
  • Allstate Insurance
  • Ameda
  • American Advertising
  • Amerigroup
  • Apex Learning
  • Atlas Oil
  • Auto Parts Alliance
  • Auto-Wares
  • Axcan Pharma
  • Balcom Agency
  • Bartos
  • Battelle
  • Beiersdorf
  • Binkley and Barfield
  • BIO
  • Brown & Bigelow
  • Calpine
  • Catalina Marketing
  • Central States Insulation Association
  • Certified Angus Beef LLC
  • CFG Floral
  • CGI
  • Chris Craft
  • Cisco Systems
  • City Credit Union
  • Cobb Fendley
  • ColdChain
  • CompuPay
  • Corporate Compensation Plans, Inc
  • CraneWerks
  • Crown Imports
  • Decosimo
  • Delta Dental
  • Dental Care Plus
  • Dow Agro Sciences
  • Drive Financial
  • DUX Dental
  • Eagleware
  • Earth Day Texas
  • ECI
  • eMED
  • Esoftsolutions
  • Fenwal
  • Financial Executives International
  • Fire Suppression Systems Association
  • First Franklin Financial
  • Fossil
  • Freese & Nichols
  • Genesys
  • Glacier Water
  • Glass Association of North America
  • Global Securities Information
  • Great America Financial
  • Greenheck
  • Haivision
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Higher Visibility
  • Hilton Hotels
  • HMS
  • Hoccheim Prairie Insurance Association
  • Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International
  • Incentive Market Association
  • Independent Payroll Providers Association
  • Information International Association
  • Innospec
  • Integrys Energy Services
  • JanPak
  • Jellyvision
  • KYB
  • Laerdal
  • Lexmark
  • Luminant
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  • Maxpoint
  • Medic First Aid
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  • Nationwide
  • NETg
  • Netmail
  • Network Multifamily
  • New York Blower
  • NFC Marketing
  • Occam Networks
  • OTTO
  • Overland Park Regional Medical Center
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company
  • Paycor
  • Pearson Custom Publishing
  • Pepperweed Consulting
  • PGE
  • Philips Medical Systems
  • Plymouth Rock
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Pridestaff
  • Precor
  • Procore
  • Professional Convention Management Association
  • Professional Retail Store Maintenance Association
  • Professional Society for Sales and Marketing Training
  • Profiles International
  • Promotional Products Association International
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  • Raytheon
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  • Renaissance Learning
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  • Ryan & Company
  • SDL
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  • Sexy Hair
  • Shockwatch
  • Sierra Monitor
  • Silco
  • Smithers Group
  • Solid Works
  • Sonic Foundry
  • Southern Dock
  • Southwest Insulation Contractors Association
  • SP Richards
  • STEC Inc.
  • Tahoe Mountain Resorts
  • Tenasco
  • Terracon
  • Texas Association of CVBs
  • Texas Credit Union League
  • Texas Society of Professional Engineers
  • The Association for Operations Management
  • The Executive Committee
  • Thompson Knight
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Toshiba
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