Who Is Tim Wackel?

Tim Wackel is one of today’s most popular sales speakers because he makes information entertaining, memorable and easy to understand. He combines more than 25 years of successful sales leadership with specific client research to deliver high-impact programs that go beyond today’s best practices. Tim’s keynotes and workshops are insightful, engaging and focused on providing real world success strategies that audiences can (and will!) implement right away.

His success as a speaker and trainer is built upon a lifetime of accomplishments and first-hand experiences that include:

  • Being recognized as the number one producer in a 10,000 person sales organization
  • Helping lead a Silicon Valley startup through a successful IPO
  • Directing a 50 million dollar sales organization for a Fortune 500 Company

Today Tim is hired by clients who want their managers and salespeople to succeed in business and in life. His list of clients includes organizations like Allstate, Cisco, Dow Chemical, Toshiba, Philips Healthcare, Hewlett Packard, Wells Fargo as well as many professional and trade associations.

Tim is the founder and president of The Wackel Group, a training and consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations find, win and keep customers for life. He earned his Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Nebraska and lives in Dallas where he tries to spend as much time as possible on the golf course.

Tim Wackel training

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