Coffee is for Closers

The Five Closing Blunders You Simply Can’t Afford to Make!

Is anything more important to the sales process than the close? It’s the one skill sales executives feel their reps need to work on the most.

Commonly taught techniques like the “assumptive close,” the “1-2-3 close” or even the “puppy dog close” may sound promising, but they’re actually nothing more than manipulations. And in today’s economy, they’re simply not effective when a prospect can see it coming from miles away. If you’re like me, you automatically raise your guard when you feel liked you’re being “closed.”

Coffee is for Closers helps sales professionals learn how to:

      • Start getting better decisions from prospects today
      • Make closing comfortable for you (and for your customer!)
      • Ask the “right” questions before gaining final agreement
      • Focus on mindset over technique when asking for commitments
      • Expose all of the buyer’s resistance early in the selling process
      • Respond to common objections in an uncommon way
      • Create a consistent and comfortable call to action