Smart Prospecting Simplified

If you’re like most sales professionals I know, you’re always looking for opportunities to make more money.

And you know what that means – more prospecting. Please note… I did NOT say COLD CALLING – because NO ONE wants to make (or receive) a cold call.

Anyone can cold call, and it takes almost no skill at all to convert a huge number of contacts into a sparse number of opportunities. But if you want to significantly increase your revenues, you need to have a better plan.

If your prospecting efforts aren’t producing the right results or you’re simply frustrated with your current plan, then I’ve got some good news for you! This keynote reveals my very own step-by-step approach for finding new business.

Smart Prospecting Simplified helps audiences learn how to:

  • Use a simple 6 step process for crafting the “perfect” elevator pitch that delivers results
  • Capture attention using 10 creative (and proven) ways to stay in touch
  • Be persistent in your prospecting approach (without becoming a pest)
  • Lower resistance to your calls by implementing my multi-touch prospecting campaign
  • Breakthrough the voicemail/email barriers that most reps face