Tough Tactics for Tough Times

Five Principles for Winning More Business in Today’s Economy

Tough times call for better insights, stronger value propositions and a more creative approach for staying engaged. It’s not enough to just make more calls or do more demos. You have to be better than you’ve ever been before, or you’ll risk missing the diminishing number of critical opportunities that still exist.

Companies still have to buy goods and services no matter what the economy is doing. They may buy differently, they may buy less, but they still have to buy. If you can’t convince prospects that what you’re offering is a solid investment with meaningful return, then maybe the problem lies closer to home.

Tough Tactics for Tough Times helps sales professionals learn how to:

  • Avoid the top five mistakes committed by sales professionals today
  • Increase your win ratio by leveraging a simple (and often overlooked) idea
  • Ask the insightful questions that no one else is asking
  • Pursue new business in unique and creative ways
  • Approach prospects who aren’t actively looking but are willing to buy
  • Accelerate the buying cycle with a simple go for “no” attitude