When Prospects Go Silent

Creating Follow Up Campaigns that Work!

Many sales professionals have never been taught how to conduct an effective follow up campaign. They either push too hard and quickly become a pest, or they wait patiently thinking “interested” prospects will respond to their requests.

To be successful in selling today, you have to master the art of follow up. Knowing how (and when) to stay in touch with suspects, prospects and customers sets you apart and pays dividends over your entire career. In today’s busy world, if you’re out of sight, you’re probably out of mind!

When Prospects Go Silent helps sales professionals learn how to:

      • Win the battle for mind share with ten sure fire ways to stay in touch
      • Develop campaigns that demonstrate persistence without becoming a pest
      • Re-engage those prospects who have started to ignore you
      • Jumpstart your own campaigns by leveraging Tim’s templates and scripts
      • Make it easier for the prospect to tell you “no” early in the sales cycle
      • Say “goodbye” in a professional way that brings them running back!