How to Conquer Voicemail

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Whether your business sells products, services or both, your sales team will need to leave voicemail messages for old, current and potential customers. A good voicemail message informs and attracts interest. It isn’t rushed, garbled or unorganized. The best messages are planned, delivered clearly and make so much sense that the message recipient feels compelled to call back. This program will give you the specific tools and ideas you need to take your messaging skills to the next level.

How to Conquer Voicemail helps business professionals learn how to:

  • Craft voicemail messages that get more callbacks.
  • Stir interest with compelling value propositions
  • Measure the actual effectiveness of different voicemail campaigns
  • Deliver messages in a way that encourages people to listen
  • Demonstrate persistence without becoming a pest
  • Avoid some of today’s biggest voice mail blunders

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