Why Choose Tim?

Wondering why Tim Wackel is successful at working with so many different types of clients? The answer is simple. It boils down to just three things….


Tim’s programs draw on a lifetime of business accomplishments and first-hand selling experiences (this is NOT stuff he just read in a book!). His numerous achievements include being personally recognized by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard as their top sales professional in a 10,000 person sales force. From developing new business opportunities to maintaining strategic client relationships, Tim’s programs are built on real successes that focus on the entire selling process. His energy, passion and engaging stories make Tim an instant hit with organizations.


Thousands of business professionals have already experienced Tim’s programs, and his repeat clients include several of America’s fastest growing companies. Tim is hired by businesses both large and small and is consistently invited back time and time again. He is a proven resource whose skills have been developed from years of speaking in front of groups like yours.

Easy to work with

Tim takes great pride in making sure that he walks his talk, and event planners consistently comment on how easy it is to do business with him. He does his homework, arrives in plenty of time, doesn’t make last minute demands, shares audience feedback and personally follows up after every program. Tim knows that if he doesn’t take care of you, somebody else will!

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