At the Sound of the Beep

Creating Voice Mail Messages that get RESULTS!

55-Minute Audio Program

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Leaving a voicemail message is one of the most common tasks that salespeople perform, yet very few are successful at getting their calls returned. As a business owner, I have sales reps calling me all the time. But since I’m often working with clients, I listen to voicemail more than actually speaking with someone live. It amazes me that a lot of sales people simply don’t know how to craft a message. What does it take to create compelling voicemails? How can you differentiate yourself and get results? This program gives you the specific tools and ideas you need to take your messaging skills to the next level.

At the Sound of the Beep helps sales professionals learn how to:

  • Develop stronger value propositions that stir interest
  • Deliver a message that compels people to respond
  • Craft the perfect words in six simple steps
  • Avoid today’s top ten biggest voice mail blunders
  • Measure the effectiveness of your voicemail campaigns
  • Demonstrate persistence without becoming a pest

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