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You’ve recently been charged with the task of planning your 2019 sales kickoff meeting meant to inspire your team, and ultimately increase revenue for your company. But the problem is — you’re not sure where to start looking or what to look for.

You know you want a speaker who’s going to deliver a session that is engaging for your sales team, is chock full of actionable tips to help them in their selling process, and will leave a lasting, positive impression.

How do you find this perfect speaker?

To start, check out this list of who I think is the best of the best. Out of this list, you’re sure to find the speaker that’s perfectly aligned with your company’s goals and culture.

8 Great Speakers For Your 2019 Sales Kickoff Meeting

  1. Jeb Blount
  2. Colleen Francis
  3. Mark Hunter
  4. Anthony Iannarino
  5. Jill Konrath
  6. Art Sobczak
  7. Tim Wackel
  8. Mike Weinberg

These sales experts are in no order (other than alphabetical), and I think each are worth considering for your kickoff meeting.

Learn more about these speakers:

  1. Jeb Blount

Jeb is an engaging sales speaker who specializes in storytelling that keeps audience’s enraptured in his lessons.

He has several keynote presentations and workshops that are shaped around the individual audience and organization.

2. Colleen Francis

Colleen focuses on sales strategies that can accelerate revenue. Her strength is in assessing, designing, and helping to implement a sales strategy for any company.

As an experienced keynote speaker, Colleen has several different presentations that would be helpful in a sales kickoff setting.

3. Mark Hunter

Mark, also known as The Sales Hunter, has two decades in sales speaking and focuses on motivating messages to get sales teams thinking.

On his website, Mark features three sample presentations to peruse and see if they are good for your business’ kickoff meeting.

4.  Anthony Iannarino

Anthony is a sales coach, speaker, and author and has a speciality in B2B sales coaching and consultancy.

His keynotes and workshops span a wide variety of topics, and are sorted by best suited for B2B or B2C audiences, making it easy to see what’s best for your business.

5. Jill Konrath

Jill focuses on sales strategies that helps business’ speed up new customer acquisition and win bigger contracts.

Does that align with your business’ goals? Jill has a great keynote that focuses on accelerating your sales.

6. Art Sobczak

Art’s strategies focus on helping sales teams say the right things when on the phone to help avoid rejection when cold calling and selling.

He has several training options that center around the theme of improving sales methods over the phone — and would be perfect for a sales kickoff meeting that is focusing on improving over-the-phone selling skills.

7. Tim Wackel

Did you know I offer speaking sessions that are designed to help sales teams be successful at achieving their 2019 sales goals?

I have several keynote topics covering many aspects of selling, and workshops that can be tailored to kickoff meetings as well. Each presentation is uniquely crafted to meet the specific needs of the audience.

Contact me and we can work together to craft the perfect sales kickoff presentation for your team.

8. Mike Weinberg

Mike focuses on simplifying many aspects of sales to get your team back on track and focused on mindset of winning new sales.

His speaking sessions are described as blunt, practical, and powerful making him a great choice for sales teams looking to simplify their process and focus on efficiency.

The Importance of Sales Kickoff Meetings

These meetings are an important way for sales teams to align their goals with the company goals for the upcoming year.

Having a professional sales trainer come in and speak to your sales team helps keep practices and strategies fresh, modern, and successful.

Looking to learn more about how a successful 2019 sales kickoff meeting can positively impact your business? Contact me! I’m happy to talk about your individual needs.

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