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Call Agendas TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to this 2 Minute Sales Tip with Tim. After over three decades of working with top performers, I’ve come to a couple of conclusions and I’m going to start this video by sharing one of those with you. What you sell is important to your success… but how you sell is […]

Ever had to work with a rep who was 100% convinced their “communication skills” were exceptional? You know the type… typically hired for their outgoing personalities and infamous gift of gab, these folks are fun to be around and are great at telling stories. My concern? Sometimes they are not very good at connecting on […]

What’s Your Story? TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to this Two Minute Sales Tip with Tim. Today’s topic: What’s Your Story? That’s right… if you’re going to have any success in a sales career, you have to be able to tell your story. And your story needs to be clear, concise, compelling and credible. It doesn’t matter if […]