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When it comes to training a sales team, there is no “one size fits all” approach that works for all sales teams. For a director of sales in charge of training a team, this can be frustrating — and can lead to uncertainty about how to approach sales training.

Luckily, there are a lot of methods for training that are proven to help sales teams reach their goals.

5 Popular (+ Successful) Sales Training Methods

  1. Sales books
  2. Online webinar or pre-recorded sales training
  3. Keynote at sales kickoff or other company event
  4. In-person sales training workshop or seminar
  5. Sales team bootcamp with a sales expert

I’ve outlined a few of the methods that I have seen be productive for various types of sales teams, in the hopes that this will help you make the best decision for your team when embarking on training.

1.Sales Books

Picking up a few of the most effective sales books for your team to read is a great way to begin the sales training process or to hone their skills in between other types of trainings.

As you know, there is an onslaught of books available for eager sales teams to learn more about their craft.

Here are a few I recommend:

Sales Books are a great training method for: sales teams with a small budget dedicated for training. Books are the most cost effective way for sales teams looking to expand their knowledge and learn the craft without breaking the budget.

2. Online Webinar or Pre-Recorded Sales Training

Online resources serve two great functions for sales team leaders looking for training:

  • They’re a great way to “try before you buy” with a sales expert. You can really find out the expert’s style, and see if it fits with your sales team before bringing them in for a more traditional training.
  • You can pick and choose topics and work with them on an as needed basis. For example. If your team is struggling specifically with their sales pitches, you can find a webinar that is aimed at helping them with just that aspect of selling.

Another added benefit of digital training resources is that they are often free. 

Online webinars and trainings are a great training method for: smaller sales teams who get together on a regular basis and want to get into a rhythm of ingesting good sales information. These are also good for sales teams with members who are located all over the globe, as they can be consumed at any time.

3. Keynote at a Sales Kickoff or Other Company Event

Did your sales team have a successful last quarter or year? They may not need a total training overhaul if their strategies and methods of selling are already working.\

But, it’s still worthwhile to have a sales expert talk to your team to set their minds in the right tone moving into the new year. Hiring a reputable sales expert who is known for being great at kickoff meetings is a great way to set your team on the right course.

In case you missed it, I’ve outlined 8 of the best speakers to look into for your sales kickoff — or any other event meant to inspire your sales team!

Keynote events are a great training method for: giving teams a dose of motivation.

4. In-person Sales Training Workshop or Seminar

Sales workshops are the most immersive way for your sales team to learn and adopt proven strategies for successful selling. Your team will get hands-on experience with a sales expert, and walk away with tactics that work.

One benefit of a workshop is that it is tailored specifically to your team, and for your business. Other methods of sales training may not give your team the personalized help that they require for improving their selling process.

In-person workshops and seminars are a great training method for: sales teams that are serious about investing resources into ensuring a high probability of success for their teams, and are interested in implementing new ideas.

5.  Sales Team Bootcamp with a Sales Expert

A bootcamp is even more hands-on than a workshop, but in an even smaller setting. Participants are asked to prepare real examples of selling situations that they face when selling and work through the situations with the sales expert and with their peers.

Bootcamps are multimedia and utilize multiple methods of training over multiple days — making them a perfect combination of other successful methods including:

  • Digital media and recordings
  • Video resources
  • Hands-on workshop
  • Group discussion
  • Sales expert’s lecture to include actionable tips

Bootcamps are a great training method for: smaller sales teams (of 8-10 members), or regional sections of a larger sales team, that require a more individualized workshop and a deep learning experience. Teams that participate in bootcamps experience the highest impact on their selling.

What Method Is Best For You?

Still not sure what training strategy would be most effective for your sales team? Schedule a consultation with me!

For decades I have worked with hundreds of sales teams, so I can help guide your team in the right direction for their training.

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