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In the sales world, when we talk about “presentations” it means so much more than standing in front of a group of people, with a PowerPoint, discussing a topic. Here’s what you should be thinking about when you hear the term “sales presentation”: Phone calls with customers Phone calls with prospects Email conversations Voicemails left […]

      Companies spend big on sales training every year. But, too often training ends up being later proven to have had little value. When the effects of sales training have proven to be too weak to last, it’s usually due to one or more of the reasons described below. Correcting these shortcomings in […]

When it comes to training a sales team, there is no “one size fits all” approach that works for all sales teams. For a director of sales in charge of training a team, this can be frustrating — and can lead to uncertainty about how to approach sales training. Luckily, there are a lot of […]

If sales were easy, nobody would work in any other field. Sales requires a particular aptitude and talent, an intuitive ability to understand what a prospect’s needs are and how to meet them. Some people are just natural when executing sales presentations and delivering the perfect pitch. With that said, some practices and strategies can […]

Training your sales team to optimize their strategies and techniques across the selling process is, and should be, an investment your company prioritizes. Your team needs modern sales strategies that are proven to work, and the skill set needed to execute them. However, for many business, investing in a sales expert for each quarter to […]

You’ve recently been charged with the task of planning your 2019 sales kickoff meeting meant to inspire your team, and ultimately increase revenue for your company. But the problem is — you’re not sure where to start looking or what to look for. You know you want a speaker who’s going to deliver a session […]

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for new ideas that will help you create and capitalize on sales opportunities. And, you’re probably looking for long lasting sales growth tactics that will keep your business trending upward for 2019 and beyond. I’ve put together this list of the tactics that you can incorporate into your […]

Imagine you’ve been working on a significant opportunity for several months. You’ve invested long hours with all of the key players and it’s almost time to go to contract. The final step is a simple “show-n-tell” presentation that you need to deliver to the executive committee. All you need is their stamp of approval and […]

Call Agendas TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to this 2 Minute Sales Tip with Tim. After over three decades of working with top performers, I’ve come to a couple of conclusions and I’m going to start this video by sharing one of those with you. What you sell is important to your success… but how you sell is […]