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Mark Twain said he could teach anyone how to get what they want; he just couldn’t find anyone who truly knew what they wanted. I agree. Most people don’t know what it is they really want to achieve. They often know what they don’t want, but then that’s where their focus and energy goes—to what […]

Many sales reps have convinced themselves (and try to convince others) that their “communication” skills are exceptional. These folks are hired for their outgoing personalities and infamous gift of gab.  They are fun to be around and are great at telling stories. I’m just not convinced they’re very good at connecting and creating real dialogue.

The 4th quarter has ended. You can almost hear a collective sigh of relief as many reps are anxious to put a difficult Q4 behind them. So what’s your plan for Q1? Do you move forward with the same ideas, skills, attitude and enthusiasm that you used in Q4? Only if you want the same type of results.

I’m writing to you from room 1009 in the Schaumburg Marriott located outside of Chicago. Tomorrow I get the privilege of delivering one of my favorite workshops on presentation skills. Although I’m tempted to share all of the great benefits of this wonderful program, I have a more compelling message that I believe you’ll enjoy and find value in.