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Referral Selling TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to this Two Minute Sales Tip with Tim. Ladies and gentlemen for the past couple of days I’ve been spending some time catching up on some reading, and I’ve been focusing my energies on this area known as referral selling. So I would like to share with you today four fun, […]

Time to Ditch the Pitch TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to this Two Minute Sales Tip with Tim. Today I want to talk about sales presentations. As a presentation coach, I get the unique opportunity each and every year to sit through literally hundreds of different sales presentations, and most of them aren’t very good. I think the […]

MythBusters – Prospecting Techniques TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to this Two Minute Sales Tip with Tim. So it’s a beautiful Saturday morning and I’m down at the office trying to catch up on some reading. As a matter of fact, I really hadn’t planned on shooting a video today, but as I was going through some of […]

A few months ago, I decided it was time to move forward with a significant home improvement project. I began the process by calling several companies who had done similar work in the neighborhood. Every company was eager to send a representative who spent considerable time with me reviewing the project and gathering the information […]

Follow Up or Fail TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to this Two Minute Sales Tip with Tim. Today I want to talk about prospecting and a very important part of prospecting: Knowing how and when to follow up. The reps that I know that are really good at new business development, they have mastered the art of knowing […]

Losing Like a Winner TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to this Two Minute Sales Tip With Tim. Today I want to share some simple, yet valuable insights on how real sales pros should respond after their customer has made a buying decision. So buying decisions come in two different flavors. The customer tells us yes, that’s what we’re […]

Mark Twain said he could teach anyone how to get what they want; he just couldn’t find anyone who truly knew what they wanted. I agree. Most people don’t know what it is they really want to achieve. They often know what they don’t want, but then that’s where their focus and energy goes—to what […]

Many sales reps have convinced themselves (and try to convince others) that their “communication” skills are exceptional. These folks are hired for their outgoing personalities and infamous gift of gab.  They are fun to be around and are great at telling stories. I’m just not convinced they’re very good at connecting and creating real dialogue.

The 4th quarter has ended. You can almost hear a collective sigh of relief as many reps are anxious to put a difficult Q4 behind them. So what’s your plan for Q1? Do you move forward with the same ideas, skills, attitude and enthusiasm that you used in Q4? Only if you want the same type of results.

I’m writing to you from room 1009 in the Schaumburg Marriott located outside of Chicago. Tomorrow I get the privilege of delivering one of my favorite workshops on presentation skills. Although I’m tempted to share all of the great benefits of this wonderful program, I have a more compelling message that I believe you’ll enjoy and find value in.