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How to Build Relationships Your Competition Can’t Steal When your relationship is strong, customers rarely let any detail get in the way of doing business. But when the relationship is weak, any detail can (and will!) get in the way. Developing great relationships doesn’t require magic, chemistry or luck… it requires knowledge, commitment and a […]

If you’re like most sales professionals I know, you’re always looking for opportunities to make more money. And you know what that means – more prospecting. Please note… I did NOT say COLD CALLING – because NO ONE wants to make (or receive) a cold call. Anyone can cold call, and it takes almost no skill at all to convert a […]

The 6 Worst Presentation Habits and How to Avoid Them Whether you are speaking to an audience of one or one thousand, it’s crucial that you engage your listeners. As the presentation coach for some of today’s fastest growing companies, I know exactly what it takes to deliver messages that get results. Throughout my career, […]

Helping Customers Discover What They Really Want You probably have a number of questions that you like to ask customers during a sales call. Maybe you recognize a few of these: “What are your goals?”  “Do you have a budget?”  “Who is involved in the decision making process?”  “What keeps you up at night?” While […]