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Five Principles for Winning More Business in Today’s Economy Tough times call for better insights, stronger value propositions and a more creative approach for staying engaged. It’s not enough to just make more calls or do more demos. You have to be better than you’ve ever been before, or you’ll risk missing the diminishing number […]

Creating Voice Mail Messages that get RESULTS! Leaving a voicemail message is one of the most common tasks that salespeople perform, yet very few are successful at getting their calls returned. As a business owner, I have sales reps calling me all the time. But since I’m often working with clients, I listen to voicemail […]

The 10 Worst Presentation Habits and How to Avoid Them Whether you are speaking to an audience of one or one thousand, it’s crucial that you engage your listeners. As the presentation coach for some of today’s fastest growing companies, I know exactly what it takes to deliver messages that get results. Throughout my career, […]

The Five Closing Blunders You Simply Can’t Afford to Make! Is anything more important to the sales process than the close? It’s the one skill sales executives feel their reps need to work on the most. Commonly taught techniques like the “assumptive close,” the “1-2-3 close” or even the “puppy dog close” may sound promising, […]

12 Steps for Kicking Your “To-Do” Addiction For more than 20 years, I’ve watched sales professionals buy calendars, and planners, and white boards and even ‘smart’ phones…all in attempt to get more done. Before you know it life feels like it’s spinning out of control because you’re buried with multiple projects screaming for more time […]

Helping Customers Discover What They Really Want You probably have a number of questions that you like to ask customers during a sales call. Maybe you recognize a few of these: “What are your goals?” “Do you have a budget?” “Who is involved in the decision making process?” “What keeps you up at night?” While […]

Creating Follow Up Campaigns that Work! Many sales professionals have never been taught how to conduct an effective follow up campaign. They either push too hard and quickly become a pest, or they wait patiently thinking “interested” prospects will respond to their requests. To be successful in selling today, you have to master the art […]

Ten Tips for Making Every Contact Count Many sales people today have never been taught how to properly prepare for a sales call. They simply recycle the same sales conversation over and over hoping to find someone waiting to buy. Anyone can make lots of calls, and it takes almost no skill to convert a […]